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Reliable Remediation provides restoration and environmental services for residential, commercial, and government facilities throughout Eastern Connecticut and beyond. 

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Mold Removal

The National Standard for mold remediation is PHYSICAL REMOVAL (and addressing the moisture source).  The mold removal process usually includes utilizing containment (to avoid cross-contamination) and the use of specialty equipment like HEPA-filtered air scrubbers and vacuums.  Some materials may be sanitized (or cleaned in place) but damaged or wet building materials most likely will need to be removed and some materials may need to be dried to avoid future growth.
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mold removal

Mold Remediation

 Wet building materials i.e., wood, sheetrock, and the like can start to grow and multiply mold and mildew within the first 24-48 hours.  Removing wet and previously wet, moldy building materials like sheetrock is an important step in remediation.  Cleaning and drying remaining structural building members are a vital step prior to replacing any damaged or contaminated material.   We use a protocol and process that includes containing the affected area (to avoid cross-contamination) and the use of specialty equipment like HEPA-filtered air scrubbers and vacuums.
Mold FAQ’s

water in basement

water damage mitigation

Water damage (including damage from freezing) is one of the most common and most costly types of homeowners insurance claims. If water damage isn’t handled properly, it can quickly turn into mold damage.  Mitigating further damage means moving quickly and having a professional you can trust to assess the situation and advise you in the process.  Remember, the longer it sits, the worse it gets.
Water FAQ’s
odor elimination

Odor Elimination

Tobacco smoke, skunk, musty smells, pet odors, and burning something on the stove all leave behind an odor that can be hard to get rid of. Finding & treating odors requires the right tools, training, and expertise. Source identification and source location are the first steps in odor removal. In some cases, identifying the odor problem is easy because the odor is recognizable and the source is easy to find. Sometimes the odor will be unrecognizable and the source may be hidden or unknown.

fire smoke damage

fire & smoke mitigation

We will carefully evaluate salvageable portions of your structure as well as the items inside the structure. We will then begin the demo and removal of anything that can be saved. Once the demo is completed, we will identify the best solution for your home or business. *Emergency Board-Up Service *Water Extraction and Drying *Temporary Power *Smoke and Soot Removal *Pack, move and storage of personal property.


air duct cleaning

Air Duct/HVAC Cleaning

Your HVAC system and ductwork are the “respiratory system” of your structure.  Cleaning includes the supply and return air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers, heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motor, and fan housing, and the air handling unit housing. Failure to clean all components of the system can result in the re-contamination of the entire system, minimizing the benefits of cleaning.


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Charlie McShane
Charlie McShane
I had Russ in to deal with some mold in my steel building and he was easy to work with, prompt, transparent, and got the work done fast. Highly recommended.
Shawn Perkins
Shawn Perkins
RUSS HARLOW was great, h explained his findings in simple to understand language, he could have easily recommended a full mold remediation but instead was honest and provided simple ways i could address the issues myself. I would definitely recommend their services.
Capital Home Improvements
Capital Home Improvements
Working with Russ is always a pleasure! He came to inspect and clean out our air ducts. The results were amazing. He stopped to explain things about the duct system, showed us a gallery of before and after photos, and were friendly, and professional. We will definitely be referring our customers to them, and using them for our future needs!
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson
Hired Reliable Remediation to clean out old mold stains in my attic. They removed any existing mold and used proper chemicals to disinfect the entire attic. Hire them!
Saki Yukimura
Saki Yukimura
Working with Russ was a breeze! He examined everything that needed to be examined, and gave me solid advise on how to move forward with keeping the mold in my basement at bay, as well as preventing further floods in the basements. Russ follows up with an emailed report detailing everything we spoke about, so I could refer to it easily. I highly suggest him and his wonderful company!
Sandy G
Sandy G
Russ went above and beyond to check my ceiling for mold. He was extremely personable and professional and took his time explaining everything to me. Therefore, I highly recommend Reliable Remediation!
Jason Astarita
Jason Astarita
Russ provided an assessment of some old water damage and attic discoloration. I was impressed by the thorough investigation he conducted and the recommendations and explanations provided. Russ described everything in simple, concrete terms, and was more concerned with what was practical and pragmatic for the homeowner. Hands down, a top tier professional.
Was worried about mold so gave Russ a call. He was prompt in setting up an assessment time. He was generous with his time taking a look at our concerns, answering questions, providing education and reassurance. Would not hesitate to reach out to him in the future!
Chris Demers
Chris Demers
We had several remediation companies inspect our house to quote mold remediation, and basically all they did was measure everything and provide a quote based on surface footage of every room in the house. Only Russ from Reliable Remediation provided a practical and sensible approach to resolve our mold problem. Russ recommended a very professional and personable mold testing company (Kathy from Applied Microbiology Services) who performed an extremely thorough inspection and testing protocol (several air samples and surface swabs) with a prompt report of the extent of the problem and recommended remediation plan. Russ then provided a very reasonable quote and clean-up plan based on actual findings. In addition to a reasonable quote, Russ took all the time we needed to answer any and all questions and provide extrememly helpfuul advice. We can't express how helpful it was to have his voice of reason to keep us calm and help us make the best decisons for us. And in the end, Russ and his son did an amazing job of cleaning up our basement and purlins/ceiling area. He was on time, very efficient, and thorough. We can't recommend Reliable Remediaiton highly enough, they are just the best.
Great service! Quick honest professional work. Made made my waterlogged moldy basement like new. Local and family owned!
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