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It’s as simple as walking around your house video recording along the way!

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Imagine seeing all of your possessions floating around in your basement or melted and smoke-covered after a fire. Your daughter’s favorite stuffed animal is destroyed, and your TV, books, pots, and pans – all in ruin! You have no idea where to begin…UGH!!!

In the unfortunate event of a theft, fire, natural disaster, or other unexpected loss, having a pre-existing inventory video can be invaluable when filing an insurance claim. It provides concrete evidence of the items you own and their condition, helping to streamline the claims process and ensure you receive fair compensation. Your inventory video serves as proof of ownership of your belongings. This can be crucial if you need to replace items or prove their value to your insurance company.

Over time, it’s easy to forget what you own, especially for items in storage or less frequently used. Having a video record can jog your memory and help you remember what you need to claim.

Important Steps

  • Recording: As you move through your home, make sure to capture all valuable items, such as electronics, furniture, jewelry, artwork, appliances, and any other items of value.
  • Describe Items: While recording, describe each item briefly. Mention its brand, model, approximate value, and any unique features. Open cabinets, closets, and drawers to show the contents inside
  • Focus on Details: Pay attention to the details, especially when it comes to high-value items.Capture serial numbers, labels, and any distinguishing marks.
  • Document Documents: Remember to document important documents like passports, certificates, and receipts. You can capture these by showing them briefly on camera.
  • Special Considerations: For especially valuable items like jewelry, it’s a good idea to have them appraised and to keep records of appraisals.

What To Do With Your Video

  • Back up a copy of the recording. Having a copy means your data is protected in the event of system failure or file corruption.
  • Store at least one copy off-site and/or on the cloud. Great free storage is available at – Google Drive, MS OneDrive, or DropBox.
  • Update as needed, after making expensive purchases – but no less than once per year. January is a great time – after all of those new gifts and presents during the holiday season.

Remember that creating a detailed video inventory of your belongings can greatly assist in the event of an insurance claim or a loss. Be thorough and keep your records up to date to ensure you have accurate documentation for your insurance company – so you will be reimbursed for the full value you are owed.

If you prefer to kick it “old school” or just need some ideas on how to begin – Here is a Printable Home Inventory List from My Frugal Home.

There’s also an “app for that” – The National Association of Insurance Commissioners created the “NAIC Home Inventory” App available in the App Store and Google Play

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